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I do short stories.


The Redemption

Now, don't get me wrong I hate Dave... but when he asked if he could be friends with me that just shut my brain off. Confused? Don't...

The Party(A school story 2)

"Do, I have to go?" I asked. My dad nodded. I sighed. I was going to Dave's birthday party. Yup, you heard that correctly, I was invited...

The Exciting Present

I stared at the present, my mouth wide open. Then my mouth turned into a big smile. My green eyes were wide open. I started jumping...

In the woods.

I looked around the towering trees. Oh, why had I accepted this dare? My teeth were chattering. My eyes were droopy and wide open at the...

The Missing Friend

BOOM! I jumped out of my bed, looking around the room. Then I glared at the window. Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Ojas,...



Ojas Verma

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