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The Mistake (A Ghost Story #1)

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

My name is Jack and I'm going to be telling you a story. I was trying to find a house and I found one. And I bought it. Little did I know that would be the biggest mistake of my life... Let me tell you all about it..."This is it?" I looked at the house and sighed. Half of the roof wasn't there and there were a lot of holes in the house. "Do you want to but it or not?" the salesperson said. "Yes... but-" "Then there you go- a house!" I sighed. I could only afford this house. "Fine" I sighed. When I got more money, I would probably get a better house but this would do for now. I walked inside my new house. Suddenly the door shut! I walked to the door and tried to open it, but it wouldn't budge! I sighed again. "It's probably just stuck. I decided to call someone to repair the door.


It had been a couple of hours but the person that was going to repair the door hadn't come! He was probably late. I decided to check all of the rooms but when I tried to open the first door, it was locked! "Weird," I said to myself. I opened the second door it was a bedroom. All the other rooms were unlocked too. When I opened the last door I got pushed! I stumbled and the door closed. I opened the door but I saw nobody! What had happened? Was I just imagining things? Yeah, that was probably it. But when I turned around I saw the salesman standing there! I started to say something but then something hit me and I got knocked out!


When I woke up, I was in a dark room! Then suddenly I remembered what had happened. I had seen the salesman and then I had gotten knocked out! I checked my surroundings but I couldn't see anything since it was so dark! But wait... was that some light?!?! I felt the walls and tried to make my way to it but I tripped and fell to the ground. I tried to see what I had tripped over but it was too dark! So I tried to walk towards the light again but I kept tripping over things! But soon I had gotten close to the light and didn't need to feel the wall! I tried to see what I was tripping over... and it was a skull! I tried not to scream. Maybe it was a fake skull. Yeah, that was probably it. But I had a feeling that something was not right...


As I edged closer to the light I saw that the light was just a room that was lit up! Maybe there was exit in that room! But why was it lit up? Was someone in it? Maybe they were trapped in here too! I didn't know but I couldn't just stay here starve to death. I crept closer and closer to the room and I heard voices... "It has been done, my lord." someone said. I recognized that voice immediately. It was the salesman! "It's about time," said the other voice. I didn't recognize that voice but it was probably the salesman's boss. The boss was speaking again but I got distracted by a door that was opened and I could see light coming from it! I quickly crept to the door and the boss and the salesman didn't see me because they were too engrossed in the conversation! I went through the door and ran! I looked around and saw the house I was in the backyard! But I heard a sound and turned around, I saw a ghost. But before I could do something, the house was falling! The ghost looked at me and ran. It turned out that I wasn`t the only one that escaped, there was another person, another rich person who had been trapped and he had gone to get the police! The rich person offered me a free house and I accepted. And that is the story of how I bought a haunted house!

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