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Updated: Oct 9

I woke up in my bed in the middle of the night and groaned. Every night I woke up from my nightmares at 3 AM. Today was no different. "Again?" I muttered to myself. What was that sound? It sounded like... fingers on a chalkboard. I tried to go back to sleep, but I couldn't thanks to that mysterious sound... that for some reason slowly faded away, so I went to get some water. But when I was going to get a glass of water, I saw that my parents weren't in their room. "Mom? Dad? Where are you?" There was no reply... I looked around the house but saw nothing. I started to panic, desperately searching everywhere but I saw nothing again. But then I saw someone in a mask running towards me, I also tried to run but the person was much faster. I screamed and then blacked out. Suddenly, I woke up. "So, that was a dream" I muttered to myself again. But I wasn't at my house and it looked like it was in the afternoon. I looked around and saw that I was in the park close to my house. I walked to where my house was and knocked on the door. No one answered. I tried opening the door and it worked. " Weird," I said to myself. I opened the door fully and saw a man and a woman that weren't my parents. When they saw me they smiled and said "Welcome!" "...Why are you guys in my house?" They looked confused "What do you mean? We bought this!" I looked very confused. "Why don't you come and rest in our house? It's been a long night." I went to rest. But then I woke up in the middle of the night again. I sighed and went to get a glass of water. But then I heard two voices. They said "So how are we going to end the child?' I looked at the door in terror. But then they came out and looked at me. "We have a confession to make... Your parents are gone and you will be too. They call us ghosts." And then I ran and I heard them chasing after me and then I reached the door and realized it was locked... and I couldn`t unlock it in time. The last thing I heard was them laughing before I blacked out... I woke up in a dark room, my head hurting. I groaned in pain. "Ouchhh" I groaned to myself. I looked around the room but saw nothing....but then I saw a doll fall into the room! "Creepy much," I said to myself. All I saw was an umbrella and a door. "Weird," I said as I held up the umbrella and found nothing. I threw the umbrella to the ground and sighed. I tried to open the door and it surprisingly worked! I found myself in a hallway with many doors. I tried to open all the doors until one was left. I heard a voice. "What is that?" I asked myself... It sounded like... someone was saying "Ravioli, ravioli, give me the formuoli" I slowly opened the door and which was unlocked and... saw nothing! "This place is reallly haunted" I muttered to myself. "Wait this is my room... That means I can go upstairs! But do I want to?" But then I heard someone... I looked around and it was the man! He laughed and closed the door. I rushed towards it and tried to open it but unfortunately, it was locked. But then I saw someone beside me. It was the woman!!! I screamed and rushed away from her. "Please don't hurt me!!" She looked at me sadly "I'm not going to... John betrayed me" she claimed. "John ?" I asked "That's the man's name. And my name is Sally." "Why would he betray you?" I asked. "Because he didn't want to work with someone. He prefers to work alone. Now less talking. I managed to get another pair of keys before he betrayed me. Take these and go." "But what about you?" "I've done bad things... I deserve to be here. Go back to the hallway... there should be a staircase there..NOW GO!" I ran to the door and quickly unlocked it. Sally was right... there was a staircase that I hadn't noticed before. I quickly ran up it and saw the door I threw open the door. Outside were Sally and John. They both smiled. "What? You betrayed me?!" Sally just nodded. "But... why would you give me the keys and help me escape?" "Because we wanted to see how far you'd go to escape," John replied. "Why? Are you going to let me go?" John laughed "Of course not! After all, we've done to find!" "W-what do you mean?" "We are your parents..."Sally said. "What?!?! You're joking right?!' They both just both smiled looking incredibly smug and then I blacked out... for the last time in my life...

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