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A Poem on The Missing Friend-Alternate ending.

BOOM! I jumped out of my bed, Startled by a loud thunderclap. I looked around my room, Wondering if I was dreaming or not.

My name is Steve, and I'm 19, Soccer is my favorite game. I'm not afraid of the dark, But maybe I am, just a little, who can say?

The storm raged on outside, I tried to sleep, but it was no use. I sighed and lay awake, Wondering what I could do to amuse.

When morning finally came, I was as tired as could be. I got dressed and stumbled down the stairs, Alone for breakfast, as my parents were at work, you see.

I walked to school with Jake and Jimmy, We asked about Dave, but no one knew. We walked in silence, The bell rang, and class began anew.

We met at the oak tree after school, Our usual spot, where we could talk. We went to Dave's house, His mother answered, with a face ashen and shock.

She told us Dave was missing, The news hit us like a ton of bricks. We searched his room, but found no clues, Our determination only grew, to find our missing friend, and to fix.

We searched the lake and the park and the field, But Dave was nowhere to be found. We didn't give up, though, Determined to search every inch of this town.

We wouldn't stop until we found him, Our friend and teammate, who was lost. We would search day and night, Until we found Dave, no matter the cost.

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