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The Disaster (A Ghost Story #2)

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

"According to the Government, the strong earthquakes are nothing to be worri-AHHHHH!" the reporter screamed. The ground shook violently, and the camera fell. And then the earthquake ended as suddenly as it started. The reporter got up slowly and picked the camera up gently. She put it back on the tripod. The reporter said, "Is the government lying? That's up to you to decide. Signing off at The New News. The news report ended, leaving a man alone. The man looked in surprise at the tv but said nothing. You may recognize this man from A Ghost Story if you don't let me introduce this man to you. His name is Jack, and he has a son and a daughter. You probably didn't know that. His son's name was Jake, and his daughter's name was Alex. You probably recognize Jake from The First Day of School but don't know about Alex. Alex is just a female version of Jake since their twins.


Now that I've introduced some of the characters, let's start the story. After the news report ended, Jake entered the room. He frowned. "Did you see the huge earthquake shaking the neighbour's house? It barely missed us. Alex entered the room behind him, also frowning. Jack took a deep breath to steady himself and then muttered, "I think we need to move..." He always knew it would happen once, but he didn't know it would happen so fast. It had been a mere 20 years. The evil man had taken over the government. Okay, time out. You're probably thinking, who's the evil man? Well, remember the evil, mysterious guy. That's who Jack's talking about. Now, back to the story. "Nope. I'm not moving." Alex replied. "Yeah, Dad. Why do we have to move all of a sudden?" Jake questioned. "No time to explain. Round up everyone you and Jake know, Alex. Jake, you and I will prep up the plane," Jack said quickly.


A few hours later, everyone they knew was on the plane. Jack went up to Fred. Fred was the rich man who had escaped the haunted mansion."Fred. Jr, Jimmy, Issac, George, get on the plane," Fred called out to his three sons. They nodded and went on the plane. "So the evil man is back, isn't he?" Fred asked. Jack just nodded. Fred sighed. "So, who is on the plane," Fred asked. "Well, there's Steve, and his family, Kevin, and his parents, Dave and his family, the mayor, Arthur, his brother Pierce and their family, five flight attendants and my two pilots. "That's it?" Fred asked. "The other people wouldn't believe Jake." Jack replied. Fred sighed again. "Well, that's their fault," Fred said. "Everyone get on the plane. We are leaving in five minutes," the pilot declared. Fred and Jack quickly got on board.


Jack looked out the window. They had been flying for a few days now. In Regina, they decided to go to Canada, Saskatchewan, where Jack's parents lived. Sure, they would have to find a new house, but at least they weren't in the hands of an evil government. "Would you like some food, sir?" a flight attendant, whose name was John asked. "No, thank you," Jack replied. The flight attendant then went to other passengers. Jack thought about the evil man. I can't keep running from him, he thought. He will find me, and when he does, I will defeat him if he can be defeated. Who knows, maybe I'll be the one to find him, but first I have to make sure everyone is safe...

End of Book 2

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