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The Ghost of The Manor. (Ghostown#1)

Hey, my name's Bob and I am a ghost. I know you're probably going to say something like: Ghosts don't exist and if you are a ghost then how are you writing this story? Well, ghosts do exist and they can't touch things but they do have telekinesis they can use and that's how I am writing this book right now. So I am going to tell you about the day, I died and became a ghost. So, it was a regular day and I was getting ready for work. When I started driving to work, I saw something strange. There was purple smoke just in the middle of the road. I knew driving through that would be extremely hard so I took another road, but the road had lots of traffic because of the smoke. When I finally got to work, everyone was acting weird around me. No one was talking to me and no one was making eye contact with me. So, I just started doing work. On my lunch break, I saw something weird out of the window. It seemed like the purple smoke was spreading. Weird I thought. I decided to go outside to see what was happening with the weirdly coloured smoke. A police officer came up to me and said "I'm sorry but you have to go. This gas is highly toxic and you could die easily." I nodded and went back to my office. But soon I was told by my boss that I had to go home because of the toxic gas.

I drove home in one hour because of the traffic there. I finally arrived at my house. I sighed and unlocked my door. When I got inside. I turned on the news. "A weird gas is going around the city." the news reporter said. "The police are saying it is very toxic and to call for help if you see it. There is currently nothing to stop from the gas from spreading. It is spreading very quickly and could kill you easily if you go near. Stay safe and stay aware. This is News Reporter Tom Jenkins signing off. I sighed again. This gas must be getting out of control. Everyone seems worried about it. Is it really that dangerous? I thought to myself. I looked outside almost expecting to see the gas creeping around.; But I saw nothing. I sighed. I am just overreacting I thought. But, I would learn that I wasn't overreacting, I was underreacting! I decided to go to bed, but then I heard a noise. I sounded like people screaming. I looked outside and saw the purple gas slowly creeping up the neighbourhood. I quickly jumped away from the couch and stormed outside. There, I saw the purple gas swallow my neighbour's house. I started running away as quickly as I could the purple gas shimmering, but then I saw that the purple gas was on the other side of the street too! I was cornered. Everyone was screaming... until the police officers came. "Get into the sewers!" a police officer yelled at us. We quickly jumped into the sewers but then we saw that the gas had crept into the sewers too! We saw another way away from the gas and we took it. We all ran until we were so tired we could barely breath. I volunteered to check outside with another person called Jeff. He was a fellow employee. But when I tried to talk with him, he ignored me, like he ignored me at work! I realized that no one had talked to me today. Harsh, I thought. We looked around for gas but found nothing, so we went back to the sewers. Jeff told them we found nothing. "We should all go to sleep. " My boss from work said. "But we should have lookouts just in case. And of course, I was chosen as a lookout. I tried not to roll my eyes when they chose me. It's like they have something against me I thought. Soon everyone was asleep except me and my boss who was the other lookout. We sat in silence because, of course, she wasn't talking or looking at me. I grew drowsy... until I saw a shimmer of purple. I screamed and everyone woke up. They looked at the purple light and screamed, rushing away from the light. I started running again, for the third time today. When was this going to end, I asked myself. Little did I know, it was going to end very soon... But then I stopped, there was a dead end. "WHY IS THERE A DEAD END IN A SEWER!" I screamed. No one reacted to me, they just looked at the dead end in fear. I spotted a ladder from which you could climb out of the sewer. I rushed towards and everyone else also saw what, I was doing and rushed to it. I was the first one to reach the ladder, I climbed up it, faster than anything I had every seen. I finally reached to top of the ladder, threw open the sewer lid and pulled myself out. I didn't waste any time looking to see if anyone else was safe, since they would just probably just ignore me like every other time today. I than ran into a police officer who looked at me and then ignored me. I didn't say anything to him, I just pushed him out of the wy. Cowardly, I know. But I was scared. I kept running until I came across something. Was that Dairy Queen?! Then a person appeared at the door of the shop. "Get in!" he yelled. I quickly ran into the restaurant. When I ran into the Dairy Queen but then immediately blacked out. I woke up in a dark room and someone was standing in front of me. He smiled and then said. "Your time is over" I woke in this manor as a ghost and this is my story, I still do not know why people were ignoring me and who that man was. But now as he said it my time is over.

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