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The Party(A school story 2)

"Do, I have to go?" I asked. My dad nodded. I sighed. I was going to Dave's birthday party. Yup, you heard that correctly, I was invited to Dave's birthday party. His mom probably made him invite me to his birthday party. My friend Steve was invited and so was Jimmy the nerd. What was surprising was that my friend Jake wasn't invited. When I told him about the birthday party and when it was, he looked confused. "I think you've got the wrong birthday party," Jake said. He was probably just jealous that he wasn't invited, I thought. "We`re here," my dad said snapping me out of my thoughts. I groaned. "It's not going to be as bad as you think it is" my dad tried to cheer me up. It didn't work. "Bye, Dad," I said. "Bye," he replied. I walked up to the place where the party was going to be. It was an escape room. I opened the door and walked into the building.


"About time, noob." someone said. I looked up. It was Dave. Of course, it was. I glared at him. " C'mon," Someone else said. This time it was Steve. Jimmy the nerd was beside him. My classmates, Arthur, Pierce, Issac, and George were also there. "Hey, where's Fred. Jr?" I asked "He got grounded" Issac replied, "Hello, friend!" Jimmy the nerd exclaimed. I rolled my eyes. Before I could say anything, Dave screamed, a clown had grabbed him! The clown dragged him into a room, his screams still audible. "We have to help him!" Issac yelled. "Nah, " George replied "He's really rude, bro" "I agree," said Pierce "Me, too," Arthur said. "Me three!" I exclaimed grinning. Everyone looked at Jimmy the nerd and Steve. "I'm with Issac!" yelled Steve. "So am I!" Jimmy the nerd declared. "Thank you!" Isaac smiled. "You're still outvoted," I told Issac. "Am I now?" he questioned. "George, Arthur, Pierce, you owe me, don't you?" "Fine," Arthur grumbled. Pierce sighed and then said "I do owe you... I'm on your side, then" George grinned "Now, I'm on your side too, bro!" Everyone looked at me this time. I grumbled, "I'm outvoted, so whatever, let's go save Dave." We walked into the room.


When we walked into the room, there was nothing, but a video playing over and over again. The video was Dave screaming and being pushed into one of the doors, the clown then locked the door, and then went into another room. "So the screaming wasn't coming from Dave..." Steve muttered. "Score!" I yelled "A free phone!" I grabbed the phone quickly. "Hey!" someone yelled indignantly" That's my phone!" It was the clown! "Well, I have it now! C'mon, come and get it, scaredy-cat!" I taunted. The clown rushed at me, but I threw the phone to Arthur. He caught with a look of disbelief on his face. The clown stopped and then ran at Arthur, Arthur tried to run, but the clown got him and pulled out a gun "Hands up or he dies" the clown said. Arthur gulped. Everyone raised their hands. The clown unlocked the locked door where Dave was and threw him into the room and then locked the door. And then he grinned and then ran into a room. Pierce and I quickly followed him. And there was the clown. "Tell me where the key is for the room you trapped my brother in!" Pierce snarled. "Ok, fine! The key's in the closet!" Pierce ran at the closet. "No, wait!" I yelled. I tried to go after him, but the clown tripped me. Pierce opened the closet door and saw that there was a hole in it, Pierce turned around just as the clown booted him, he fell in the hole screaming. He then ran out of the room really quickly. I ran after him, but he had disappeared. I looked at my friends and then asked "Where did he go?" "He went into that room, bro. But what happened in there?" George replied. I shook my head" He got Pierce..." Issac said" First Dave, then Arthur, and now Pierce?" "I don't care about Dave!" I yelled, "But... he got Arthur and Pierce..." "We'll get that evil clown, Kevin!" Steve yelled. "I concur" Jimmy the nerd declared. "Now, let's get that clown, bro!" George grinned. "Yeah!" Issac said. We then walked into the room...


It turns out that the room, wasn't a room at all, it was a hallway! As we travelled through the long and dark hallway, no one said a word, everyone that we'd lost Pierce and Arthur, and even Dave. But then someone yelled... and then there was nothing again. Everyone jumped and turned around. "Wait, where's Issac?" Jimmy the nerd asked. "Issac, ISSAC!" George yelled. "Wait..." Steve said, "There's a note..." I picked up the note. Suddenly the hallway lit up. I read the note. It said 'watch your back!'Jimmy the nerd and George yelled at the hallway. "That's it I'm going to kill the clown" Jimmy the nerd said. 'Me too" George agreed. "Wait!" I yelled, "Remember what happened to Pierce?""You're right" Jimmy the nerd said. George just shook his head and sprinted down the hallway. We all ran after him. "Wait! George, stop!" I yelled. George just ignored me and continued to run down the hallway. But then the clown grabbed him .. Jimmy the nerd, Steve and I stopped. The clown was cackling wildly. Then he pulled out a gun, pointed it at George and said"You know what I'm gonna say: HANDS UP OR I SHOOT!" he yelled very very very loudly. Me, Jimmy the nerd and Steve put our hands up quickly. The clown then threw something down and the hallway filled up with smoke. When the smoke cleared the clown and George weren't there. "George!" Jimmy the nerd yelled. He started running down the big hallway again. He was incredibly fast for a nerd. Steve and I exchanged looks and then we followed him. But, soon the hallway split in three. Jimmy the nerd quickly ran to the left. "WAIT!" Steve yelled but there was no answer. He looked at me, shook his head and then said "He's probably long gone... How about this I go straight and you go right?" "Dude," I said, "Haven't you seen any horror movies, nothing good ever happens when the characters split up!" "It's our only choice, Kevin! Do you have any better ideas?" Fine..." I muttered. Steve quickly ran down his hallway. I just sighed. Then I ran down mine.


I screamed. I had just been running down a corridor, but then the clown jumped out of nowhere and grabbed me. The clown said something but I couldn't hear anything because I fainted. When I woke up, everyone was standing in a room. "Wait... what happened?" Jimmy the nerd pointed at Dave "It was a joke..." `What do you mean?" I asked. "Dave hired an actor to be a clown and this is his fake birthday party!" Steve said. Before I could say anything, an employee told me my dad was there. I said bye to everyone except Dave, then walked out of the building. When I got to my dad's car, he asked me how the birthday party was. I shrugged and got in the car. This birthday party has finally ended I thought. I would get Dave back someday, but not now...

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