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A Poem about My Home the story

The dark night brought a fright,

A dream of terror, all in sight.

The sound of scratching, so loud,

Kept me awake, no sleep allowed.

The house was empty, no one there,

I searched for them, but to no avail.

A figure in a mask, made me flee,

Screaming in terror, I could not see.

In a park I found myself,

It was afternoon, not night.

A strange man, woman in the house,

Greeted me, as if a spouse.

The night returned, and I heard two,

Whispering in fear and with a view.

The ghosts remained, and so I ran,

But the door was locked, no escape plan.

The last thing I heard, was their laughter,

It filled me with fear and disaster.

The dark room I found myself in,

An umbrella, a doll, no one to win.

The hallway had doors, all locked tight,

I searched and searched, with no delight.

The last door I found, gave a shock,

I heard a voice, a secret talk.

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