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The Missing Friend-Alternate Ending

BOOM! I jumped out of my bed, looking around the room. Then I glared at the window. Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Steve, and I am 19 years old. I play soccer, and I am not scared of the dark! Okay, maybe I fear the dark, but what are night lights for? So, anyway, back to the story. Where was I again? Oh yeah. There was a big thunderstorm in Ojas town. Don't look at me like that! I didn't name it! Stop distracting me! I need to concentrate on writing this story. Wait, are those cookies? And they're for free! No! I am going to focus and do nothing else! So, after I finished glaring at the window, I tried to sleep, but I couldn't even when the thunderstorm passed. I sighed. It was going to be a long night. 


When morning finally came, I was as tired as a human who hadn't slept for one night. I got dressed, and I stumbled down the stairs. I ate breakfast alone since my mom and dad were at their office. Then I walked to school. After I got to school, I met up with Jimmy and Jake, my friends. "Hey, where is Dave?" Jake asked. Dave is my friend too, and he is on my soccer team. Jake is also on the soccer team, but Jimmy isn't on the soccer team. Jimmy is good at surfing, though. Back to the story. "I don't know," I replied, "his parents probably let him stay home so he could sleep." Jimmy questioned," Why would he want to sleep?" Before I could answer, the bell rang. There is a rule of no talking in school, except when a teacher asked you a question. "Talk to you after school?" I whispered, so only Jake and Jimmy could hear me. They nodded. We walked in silence. When we reached our classroom, I went to my desk without making a sound. Then Mr. Chicken came in. Mr. Chicken was a grumpy person who was 50. He immediately started teaching math. I am not fond of school. I thought. I can't wait to get out of here. I can't wait.


I leaned on the oak tree, waiting for Jake and Jimmy to come here. This tree was where we always met. "Hey," someone said. I turned around. Both Jake and Jimmy were walking towards me. "Hey," I replied, smiling. "So why would Dave want to sleep?" Jimmy asked. I rolled my eyes. Jimmy never let things go. I said, "thunderstorm." "So, do you want to visit him or not?" Jake asked. "Sure," I said while Jimmy nodded. We started walking.  


"Finally!" I groaned "my feet are sore." "Stop complaining," Jimmy said as he rang the doorbell. We were at Dave's house. The door swung open. Dave's mother came into view. Her face was red and puffy from crying, crying  from what?  I thought. "What happened?" Jake asked. Dave's mother replied," Dave has gone missing!" She burst into tears after she said that. The words echoed in my head. Dave has gone missing. Dave has gone missing. Dave has gone missing. It couldn't be right. But I knew it was. "Why don't you just call the police?" questioned Jake. Everyone looked at him. "What?" he asked. "You have to wait 48 hours before you can call the police when someone is missing," I explained slowly "everyone knows that." Jake was about to say something, but Jimmy interrupted. "Okay, guys," Jimmy said quickly, "can we see Dave's room?" He asked Dave's mother. Dave's mother nodded, and she opened the door. We went upstairs to Dave's room. The room was messy, and there were clothes everywhere. There was also a weird sound coming from under the bed. "What is that noise?" I asked. Jake said," Probably a video game that Dave forgot to turn off." We searched the whole room, but we couldn't find anything. Well, almost the entire room. "Why don't we look under the bed?" I suggested. "No one would put clues under a bed," Jake said. "What will we do?" Jimmy asked. "We're going to find Dave," I declared. 


"We're not going to find Dave," I sighed. "Just three more stops to go. The lake, the park, and the soccer field," Jake said. We were looking for Dave. "What's the point of this again?" Jimmy asked. Jake and I ignored him. We searched the park and the lake, but we didn't find anything. We then walked to the soccer field and searched everywhere, but we couldn't find anything. I sighed again. "Let's search Dave's room again," Jimmy suggested. Jake and I nodded.


"This time, I'm looking under the bed," I said. I looked under the bed and saw Dave in there sleeping. "Dave!" I yelled. Dave opened his eyes and looked around wildly. "What happened?" Jimmy asked. Both of us crawled out from under the bed. "What happened?" Jimmy repeated. "I was scared of the thunder, so I crawled under my bed," Dave replied. "Your mom is not going to be happy," Jake said. Dave's eyes went wide. "Come on," I grinned. "Go to your mom. I dare you." Dave gulped, then slowly went down the stairs. A few moments later, I heard yelling coming downstairs. I, Jake, and Jimmy walked down the stairs. Dave's mother was yelling at Dave about hiding under the bed, and they didn't notice us as we walked through the door. "See you tomorrow," I said. Jake and Jimmy nodded. I started walking home.


When I got home, I jumped onto my bed. I closed my eyes for a nap. BOOM!


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