The Redemption

Now, don't get me wrong I hate Dave... but when he asked if he could be friends with me that just shut my brain off. Confused? Don't worry, I'll start from the beginning. So, I was on the bus, with my friend Jake, but when we arrived at school and tried to find Steve, we ran into someone else. It was Dave. I glared at Dave, but Dave just sighed. "I'm sorry for being mean and being a jerk." Jake and I looked at each other, surprised. "This is another trick, isn't it?" I asked. "No, it isn't I am sorry for being mean and being a bully." Me and Jake looked at each other again. "This has to be a dream!" Dave rolled his eyes. "Is it that surprising?" "I and Jake said together "Yes" "Well, I really am sorry and I mean it. Can you accept my apology?" "Ok. Sure.." Jake said. Dave smiled and then left. "That was the weirdest thing ever," Jake said. And then Steve appeared. "Hey, guys. What's up." I and Jake told Steve about what Dave had said to us. But before Steve could answer the bell rang. Time to go to school.


When school finally ended, Jake, Steve and I met up and talked about what Dave had said to us and tried to find out if he was pranking us, but then I and Jake had to get on the bus to go home so we decided to talk later. When I got home, I decided to take a nap to clear my thoughts it had been a good week...

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