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The Revenge (A School Story #3)

Hi. I'm Kevin, you probably know me from The First Day of School and The Party. I'm going to tell you a similar story of how my friends and I got revenge on Dave the Jerk. Dave the Jerk had played a joke on me, Steve, Jimmy the Nerd, George, Issac, Pierce and Arthur. Now we were going to get revenge, but now we had Jake and Fred. Jr with us. Jake did say that he would bring someone else with him, someone who would help us with our revenge. Today was the day we would meet up and plan our revenge. I looked at my watch and saw that the time was 9:45. We had to meet up at 10. We were going to meet up at the park and it was a ten-minute walk, but I would be riding on my bicycle which would take 5 minutes, but still, I hated being late, so I said goodbye to my mom and dad. I rode my bicycle to the park to see Issac, Jimmy the Nerd, George, and Fred. Jr waiting in the park. "Wassup, bro!" George exclaimed. Jimmy the Nerd said" Hello, friend!" and Issac said "Hello!" Fred. Jr just nodded. After 5 minutes Steve arrived. Then Arthur and Pierce came just in time. And then Jake arrived with his sister, whose name was Alex. "What's she doing here?" I asked in distaste. "I'm here to help, so you should be more grateful," Alex replied. "We don't allow girls in our squad!" "I don't want to be in your stupid squad! I'm just here because Jake begged me to help you guys!" "Well, we don't need your help!" I yelled, "Right, guys?" No one said anything. "Seriously?" I asked. "So you do need my help! You know I'm tempted to walk away right now!" Alex yelled at me. I was about to say something, but Jake interrupted me. "Just leave it. You know we do need her help," Jake said. I sighed. Alex smirked smugly. "Fine." I replied, "We need to get revenge on Dave the Jerk. What should we do...."


"Wait! What about we trap him in an escape room!" Alex offered "I don't know, bro," George said "Yeah!" Fred. Jr chimed in, "How are we going to trap him in an escape room?" "Hmm..." Issac said. "what if we offered him something he can't resist..." "Like what?" I asked skeptically. "I don't know..." Alex said "Exactly!" I replied, "This plan is the worst!" "Well, you're not giving out good ideas either!" Alex countered. "Wait... what if we put someone as bait?" Steve asked "Great idea, Steve! So, who is going to be bait?" I asked. Everyone looked at me. "Nope!" I yelled, "I'm not being bait!" "Well, you don't have much of a choice," Alex replied. I groaned "Fine." We decided to meet up to discuss the plan, again after school. Everyone said bye to each other and then left. I sighed, this was going to be the worst plan...


Unfortunately, I became sick, so I couldn't go to school and meet with my friends (not including Alex in friends). When I came to school today, Steve asked me why I wasn't there yesterday. "I was sick" I replied. "Well, we're not doing the plan anymore." "Why not?" I asked. "Because Dave found out about the plan! Someone told him the plan." "It was Alex!" I said. "We can't point our finger at someone without any proof!" "But it was her! We make a plan with her and then Dave knows about our plan?!" Steve sighed "George already confronted her and when he came back he said that Alex hadn't told Dave!" "But..." "You trust George, don't you?" "Yes, but..." "So, she didn't tell Dave!" "What about Jimmy? He's a nerd!" Steve looked at me. " Fine," I said, "I'll stop accusing people!" "Good," Steve said. When I got back home thought about who would tell Dave about our plan. Well, I guess it's time to end this story... but we will get our revenge on Dave, just maybe with a different plan and with fewer people. Well, I guess, bye!

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